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Събота, 21 Юни 2014 00:00

SeminarBG Избрана

Красимир Терзиев

  SeminarBG is an online journal for cultural studies, situated at the borderlines of disciplines such as cultural anthropology, aesthetics, sociology, and media analysis. Its ambition is to open up to new practices, cultures and methods, to make visible the invisible, to understand before judging.

  The central objects of interest are new communications and popular culture consumer practices and civil mobilizations, the appropriations of urban environment and contemporary art forms. Those new forms of culture evolve far too quickly to be conceptualized through the classical research tools and thus need the development of research tools ‘en route’. Instead of interpreting the culture of ‘still life’ objects, navigating through the culture of flows.

  The journal has been created with the support of programme ‘Ideas’ of the Ministry of Education of Bulgaria in 2009.

ISSN 1313-9932

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