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International conference "Culture as fieldwork: authentic, spectacular, (in)visible"

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On November 29th and 30th 2019, an international conference 'Culture as fieldwork: authentic, spectacular, (in)visible' will take place at Sofia University. It is organized by the anthropological team of the Department ’History and Theory of Culture’ at Sofia University, the online academic journal Seminar_BG and Cultural Studies Network.

The conference will gather scholars from different disciplines and steps on the classical Cultural Studies to analyse the impact of the changes brought about by late capitalism in the field of culture. It answers the need to rethink the research approaches towards these changes to address the new challenges researchers and practitioners face.

The conference will present and analyse the results of two long-term research projects: 'New festivities: communities, identities and policies in XXI century" and 'Contemporary challenges in the anthropological fieldwork'.

The full program of the conference in is available in English here: http://bit.ly/33LwIeo.

The conference will be held in English in its first day (Friday, November 29th) and in Bulgarian in its second day (Saturday, November 30th).

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